Call | Undergraduate Researcher for Science & Justice Jail / Care multimedia project

Interested in the Intersections of the Carceral State, Health Care and Interactive Multimedia?

SJRC will host one undergraduate student to collaborate on a center research project. The project will include guided independent and collaborative research, directed readings, and storytelling of the human condition.


Jail / Care: Amplifying Santa Cruz Community Voices on Health & Incarceration

From 2012 to 2016, there were five preventable deaths in the Santa Cruz County jail, more than twice the national per capita average. Last summer, a preliminary interview study was conducted to investigate the healthcare provided in the jail. This summer, we are expanding on this work with additional interviews (of formerly incarcerated people, healthcare providers, and other involved parties), which will be incorporated into an interactive online documentary on the issue. The Research Assistant will assist in various tasks toward the completion of this project: see below for a tentative list of duties.

Spring 2019

Attend at least one meeting to discuss the project and set workplan.

Summer 2019

Assist with transcribing and analyzing interviews, review literature on healthcare in prisons and jails and related topics, research organizations and institutions, research and analyze policy documents, and possibly other tasks as needed.

Fall 2019

Assist in developing a prototype of the online documentary, continue with data analysis, literature and policy review.

The student should:
  • be an enrolled student at UC Santa Cruz (enrollment during summer not required).

  • be living in Santa Cruz summer 2019; ideally through the end of fall 2019 – at least.

  • know NVIVO software (license provided; if not available).

The student will:
  • be compensated $500; distributed half at the beginning of summer, half at the end of summer.

  • be eligible to enroll in an Independent Study Fall 2019 for continued research.

  • adhere to IRB standards for working with human research subjects.

To Apply:

By Monday, May 20, students should email ( expressing interest. Please let us know the following:

  1. Your name, major, college affiliation.

  2. Why you are interested in the project.

  3. Your experiences with NVIVO software and items listed in the above outlined workplan (including human subjects research).

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