COVID-19: The Pandemicene

As the pandemic rages across the U.S. and the globe, with many communities ordered to stay-in-place and only essential business allowed to operate, we find ourselves in the midst of a historic remaking of our worlds. Science & Justice with a team of undergraduate researchers will work in real-time with our friends and colleagues, locally and around the planet, to make sense of and respond to this moment.

The Project will proceed through undergraduate research internships in which four interns, guided by a graduate student researcher and by SJRC faculty, will be developing scholarly responses to the pandemic through various forms of media: blogging, podcasts, and long-form essays that will be hosted on our website and shared around social media. Specifically, the interns will be interviewing a number of scholars and activists who work at the intersections of science and justice, public health and health equity, and technology and media studies. Additionally, SJRC Director Jenny Reardon is leading a sociology undergraduate course this quarter focused exclusively on science and justice perspectives on COVID-19. This internship project and sociology course ultimately seek to explore creative responses to questions of worlding and world-building: How do we create the language and the practices that can better foster co-habitation on this planet with all its many life forms, including viruses?

The SJRC will focus current research projects on the following emerging areas in the context of COVID-19:

  • Re-Worlding: Living and Learning Alone Together in the Pandemicene
  • Community, Civil Society and Social Justice Responses to COVID-19
  • Just Biomedicine in an Age of COVID-19:  How Can Researchers (Public Health, Genomics, Virologists, Bioethicists) Collaborate in New Ways?
  • The Challenges of Knowing and Responding in the Age of No Data and Mis-information
  • The Crisis of Public Health in Infrastructures of Care and Incarceration

Read more on these developing areas of concern in the campus news article, “Discrimination, governance, and trust in the age of COVID-19”, featuring SJRC Director Jenny Reardon and as announced in the SJRC Response to COVID-19.

If you would like to take part in or contribute to this project, email Jenny Reardon ( and/or Colleen Stone (

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