COVID-19 Pandemicene Zine

Students in Director Jenny Reardon’s undergraduate independent study seminar, SOCY 194: Living and Learning in a Pandemic: The Sociology of COVID-19, have co-created a zine based on everyone’s unique quarantine experiences and interests in understanding local responses to the pandemic!

Full design credit and our special thanks go to Kathia Damian (Literature)!


COVID-19 Blogs

Here, four students in our internship which ran parallel to the course, share their series of blog posts, which each focus on a different issue and angle concerning COVID-19. Initial posts were posted on May 13, 2020, with further posts in the series to come.

Maryam Nazir – Bioethics and Equity-Based Frameworks Amidst a Pandemic; Reconciling the Irreconcilable Disparities in the Healthcare Industry

Kathia Damian – Privacy During a Pandemic: Digital Contact Tracing and Technosolutionism; Exposure Notifications, Digital Contact Tracing, and the Burden of Responsibility

Teresa (Tee) Wicks – The Global Medical Supply Chain, Neoliberalism, and COVID-19; Pharmaceuticals, a Vaccine for COVID-19, and Questions of Equitable Access; An Intersectional Narrative of Two Epidemics

Isa Ansari – COVID-19 Conversations with Dr. Kim TallBear and Dr. Jessica Kolopenuk; Re-Worlding in the time of COVID with Mesiah and Little Wind


Additional Pandemicene Project Information

Find more information on the COVID-19 Pandemicene’s project page.

The SJRC has a robust network of local and international public health experts, scholars, and practitioners leading the way with collecting resources for teaching about COVID-19, writing open response letters, and calls to action, and organizing and participating in online events.

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