The Science & Justice Research Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz is a globally unique endeavor that cultivates experimental spaces, co-laborative practices, and novel alliances for exploring today’s most pressing challenges. Biomedical innovation, species extinction, toxic ecologies, healthcare reform, and many other contemporary matters of concern provoke questions that traverse multiple intellectual, institutional and ethico-political worlds. Science & Justice generates modes of inquiry and empirically rigorous research that address these enormous challenges to support livable worlds. Learn more. 


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 &: The Writers Guild of America standardizes use of an ampersand (&) between authors' names in credits to indicate that the authors worked together as a team—as opposed to working at different times, or working by one author writing and another revising, for which "and" is used instead.  Similarly, the Science & Justice Research Center uses an ampersand to emphasize an approach to scientific research and the pursuit of social justice as integrated and collaborative.