Graduate Students

Have you come across a justice concern within your studies and want to talk through the possible implications?

First SJTP Cohort with Director Reardon, 2011

First SJTP Cohort with Director Reardon, 2011

Explore ways to integrate justice into your research and curriculum. Help create or assist teaching a course that address justice concerns within an area of scientific study.

The SJRC aims to cultivate a community of students, educators, scholars and administrators who contribute to the UCSC Core Values and the UCSC Community of Principles by integrating justice into their own research, teaching and mentorship, and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to tackle unlearning and learning processes emerging in every lab, conference room, class, discipline and generation. SJRC affiliates explore questions of the relationships between science, society and justice, new perspectives and questions are always welcome.

Review SJRC Practices for Curriculum and Training including graduate Co-Lab’s, building critical listening skills, Op-Ed workshops, and Responsible Conduct of Research graduate training.

Independent Studies Working Directly with Faculty

The Science & Justice community offers a wide range of courses related to science and justice spanning across UCSC’s many disciplines. Tailor your Individual Study course to accurately address and provide adequate space and expertise for certain questions or topics within your research to be explored. Typically 5 units per term, it can be independent or part of a group and depending on area of expertise and concern will include directed readings, guided independent and collaborative research, project planning, and networking opportunities. The SJRC is not an academic department therefore units for Individual Studies must be coordinated through the faculty advisor’s home department. SJRC sponsored projects are overseen by either the Center Director and coordinated through the Sociology department under SOCY 297/299 however can be supported by any faculty affiliate. If you are interested in studying with an affiliate faculty member, please contact them directly or let us know in this application if you’re not sure where to get started.

Graduate Training Program

The mission of the Science and Justice Training Program (SJTP) is to train a new generation of scholars who can reach across the natural and social sciences and humanities to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Our students and faculty innovate research methods that are both empirically robust and ethically responsive. We teach students real-life strategies for exploring the meeting of questions of science and knowledge with questions of ethics and justice. Find more information on the Training Program and its requirements.

Funding Opportunities

Graduate Student Researchers

Science & Justice often host Graduate Student Researcher positions for the Center and its grant funded projects. Students interested in a research position should contact the Director.

Genomics and Society Graduate Research Fellowship

[As funding is available] Offered by the Sociology Department, the Science & Justice Research Center and the Genomics Institute with funding from the National Human Genome Research Institute, the GSGRF funds students interested in research at the interface of genomics and society. The fellowship is open to all newly admitted graduate students entering the Sociology Department and contingent on available funding. For more information, visit: Sociology@UCSC. For more information about the Fellowship program, visit: Research Mentoring Institute, or contact RMI fellowship director, Zia Isola (email: