Want to explore ways to integrate justice into your research, teaching or curriculum?

Jenny Reardon, Joe Klett, Nirvikar Singh, Dan Friedman, Sherry Paul, Anne Price, SJWG event The Quants of Wall Street: Risk and the Ethics of New Financial Technologies, 2016. Photo: Melissa De Witte”

Jenny Reardon, Joe Klett, Nirvikar Singh, Dan Friedman, Sherry Paul, Anne Price, SJWG event The Quants of Wall Street: Risk and the Ethics of New Financial Technologies, 2016. Photo: Melissa De Witte”

Have you come across a justice concern within your scientific research and want to talk through the possible implications?

Want to re-work a course syllabi to address justice concerns?

With the Science & Justice community exploring questions of the relationships between science, society and justice, new perspectives and questions are always welcome.

Have an idea for a public talk or presentation? Tell us about it.

Becoming Affiliated with the Center

Taking advantage of the open and diverse community of UC Santa Cruz, the Science & Justice Research Center (SJRC) affiliates with faculty whose research questions the many relationships between science and society. The SJRC aims to cultivate a community of students, educators, scholars and administrators who contribute to the UCSC Core Values and the UCSC Community of Principles by integrating justice into their own research, teaching and mentorship, and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to address unlearning and learning processes emerging in every lab, conference room, class, discipline and generation. Science & Justice invites you to list relevant collaborative cross-divisional research projects involving other faculty and students as well as any science and justice related courses you teach on the SJRC website. As availability and interests allow consider serving on a committee. Find specific SJRC Practices for Enacting Science and Justice research, training and curriculum and ways affiliates contribute to the Center mission and goals.

The SJRC invites affiliates to support SJRCs mission to foster new domains of research and teaching to build institutional, public and social platforms of science(s) and (in)justice(s).

Apply Now and let us know how we can help support your research.

Hosting Visiting Scholars

The SJRC typically hosts approximately 3-5 visitors annually offering opportunities for scholars at all levels of their career to participate in our active community. The SJRC is not an academic department therefore appointments are coordinated through the Sociology Department. Applicants are encouraged to identify members of the university with whom they would like to work with in activities such as organizing a Working Group meeting or attending or guest lecturing in courses. Applicants are required to submit a letter (email is fine) of support from at least one UC Santa Cruz faculty member who has agreed to act as their official Faculty Sponsor throughout their residency in the program. Faculty Sponsors engage with the scholar and provide them with introductions to UCSC faculty and students who can better inform their research. If the applicant is applying for funding to support their visit (ie: Fulbright), letters of support can be supplied and should be noted in their application. For more information visit the Visiting Scholar Program.

Mentoring Science & Justice Students

The SJRC hosts a small graduate student cohort of approximately 5-10 through the Science & Justice Training Program every other year. And, sponsors approximately 2-4 undergraduate and graduate students per term to collaborate on collective research papers, proposals, and projects as well as Center events and programming. If you have a project you would like assistance on from a student researcher, SJRC can help facilitate calls for Independent Studies and Student Researchers. Find out more about how undergraduates can get involved and independently major in science and justice; and graduates.

Writing Science & Justice into Grants

The SJRC partners with faculty, labs, units, and researchers at UC Santa Cruz, across the UC system, and internationally. While, the SJRC reviews grant proposals on a rolling basis, proposal materials should be submitted in a timely manner to provide a sufficient review period as proposals are vetted through the SJRC Leadership Team and Steering Committee. Applicants requesting to write SJRC into grants should review the grant application process.