Staff, GSRs, Interns

Colleen Stone, Center Manager

Email: cmasseng(at)

Colleen (Massengale) Stone is a full time interdisciplinary research coordinator at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). She manages all public relations and administrative aspects that support the Science & Justice Research Center (SJRC), the Science & Justice Working Group (SJWG), the Science & Justice Training Program (SJTP), its projects and grants, curriculum and visiting scholar programs. As center manager, Colleen focuses on the progression of priorities that reflect the integration of the Center’s agenda of integrating emerging science and justice research and pedagogical approaches, foci and goals for developing public forums, policy papers and articles that translate research into the social, digital, and online spheres, ultimately raising the public platform of science and justice research. Additionally, Colleen is the department assistant for sociology.

Prior to joining UCSC, Colleen worked for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department as a correctional assistant coordinating court orders and sentences of defendants as a liaison between County and State Corrections and Superior Courts of Riverside County, California. Colleen previously held several corporate retail administrative management positions before leaving the states to teach 10th and 11th grade (equivalent) Conversational English at Xin Huaizhong (Huai’an High School) in Eastern China’s Jiangsu province.

From the University of California at Riverside, Colleen obtained a BA in Sociology with a concentration in intercultural and interpersonal relations as well as a BA in Critical Dance Studies (history and theory) focusing on choreographic research and pedagogy together with cultural and ethnographic, historical and theoretical studies. And from the Mt. San Jacinto College, an AA in Humanities. Colleen has been a freelance dancer, choreographer, production management assistant and production technologist since 1997 throughout Southern California venues and is currently interested in devising original performing arts pieces expanding public engagement with science-and-justice themes.

Colleen aims to approach each interaction and opportunity to learn, understand and enjoy.

Graduate Student Researchers

Our Graduate Student Researchers provide support with our events, assist with envisioning and documenting the growth of our program, and assist with supervision of our artists in residence and undergraduate research assistants.

Dennis Browe (2019-20)

Dennis Browe is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz.

Past Graduate Student Researchers

Andy Murray (2016-19)

Sociology, UC Santa Cruz. More on Andy and his research.

Katherine Weatherford Darling (2016)

Sociology, UC San Francisco

More on Kate’s research.

Samuael Topiary  (2014-2016)

Film & Digital Media

More on Topiary’s research.


Lizzy Hare (2014-2015)


More on Lizzy’s research.

Martha Kenney (2013-2014)

History of Consciousness

More on Martha’s research

Undergraduate Researchers and Interns

Emily Caramelli

Emily Caramelli is an undergraduate researcher studying the reality of Medi-Cal and lived experiences across people living with HIV and/or mental illness, as well as the social construction of disease, the pharmaceutical industry, and the U.S. healthcare system. Emily is currently working towards a degree in Sociology with a minor in Politics at UCSC and is interested in sustainable public policy, ethics of healthcare and medicine, and combating police brutality. With a degree in Sociology, Emily hopes to address the future of sustainable development, environmental health, and social justice through research. As an undergraduate, she has become part of the Everett program, the Cantu Queer Center, and the Science and Justice Research Center. In her free time, she enjoys self-expression and art through different mediums. She participates in nature, fashion, and artistic photography and aspires to pursue photography in her future. She also dances, watercolors, writes, and enjoys hiking. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley and has lived in Santa Cruz for three years.

Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez is a senior sociology major who has been studying the history of eugenics in the 20th century since spring 2016.  Her research has extended from the history of eugenics in California state mental hospitals to modern, possibly-eugenic technologies. This includes examining how "minorities," women, and, individuals with disabilities are being affected by genetic technologies; exploring online disability community activism; and mapping sites of the eugenic past, establishments that aid and empower  people with disabilities, and infrastructures on San Francisco's 3rd Street.