Affiliates and Partners

The Science & Justice Research Center (SJRC) partners with multiple regional and international units to provide a discipline-neutral space to freely express and address areas of common concern through facilitated discussions, student exchanges, research, and training.

UCSC Affiliated Centers, Departments, Divisions, and Groups

Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering

CBSE Research Mentoring Institute

Critical Sustainabilities

Departments of:




Environmental Studies

Feminist Studies

History of Consciousness


Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology



Divisions of:


Graduate Studies


Physical & Biological Sciences

Social Sciences

E.A.R.T.H. Lab

Genomics Institute

Institute of the Arts and Sciences

The Humanities Institute

Jack Baskin School of Engineering

Office of Research

Social Practice of Arts Research Center (SPARC)

Center for Creative Ecologies

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)



Center for Genetics and Society

San Francisco State University Health Equity Institute

San Francisco State University Department of Women and Gender Studies

UC Bioethics Collaboratory in Life and Health Sciences

UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender

UC Berkeley Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (CSTMS)

UC Berkeley Gender and Women’s Studies Department

UC Berkeley Politics of Biology and Race Working Group

UC Davis Feminist Research Institute

UC Davis Science and Technology Studies

UC Los Angeles Institute for Society and Genetics

UC San Francisco Center for Transdisciplinary ELSI Research in Translational Genomics (CT2G)

UC San Francisco Department of Sociology


Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

Data & Society Research Institute

The Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI)

Ethical Resolve




Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

Plant Studies Collaboratory

Politics of Evidence Working Group

University of Sussex

King’s College, London, England

Max Planck Institutes for the History of Science and for the Scientific Study of Human History

Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bogotá, Colombia

Uppsala University

York University