Just Biomedicine

Just Biomedicine is a UC Santa Cruz-based research collective that examines the meeting of biomedicine, biotechnology, and big data along the Third Street corridor in the Mission-Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Many hope that this convergence will democratize access to health information and produce revolutionary new medical treatments that new companies will make available to the public through market mechanisms. Yet, as in other domains, living with technoscientific transformations over time reveals how they produce new inequalities and injustices: new challenges to democratic governance; new surveillance regimes; and new forms of social stratification. These often-hidden justice dimensions can be hard to visualize and hard to stand up for.  This is especially the case in the biomedical informatic domain, where criticism of specific developments can be interpreted as standing against developments in healthcare more generally. Nonetheless, stratified health and wealth outcomes manifest at this celebrated innovative edge of technoscience.  The Just Biomedicine collective seeks to understand and bring into view how this happens in the spaces and infrastructures that shape life on Third Street, and asks how we might help bring about a more just form of biomedicine.


Jenny Reardon (Sociology), Dennis Browe (Graduate student, Sociology)

Key Faculty

Jenny Reardon (Sociology), Katherine Weatherford Darling (Sociology, University of Maine)

Graduate Student Researchers

Andy Murray (Sociology), Dennis Browe (Sociology)

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Wessede Barrett, Nikobi Petronelli

Undergraduate Researcher Alumni

Emily Caramelli, Amy Coffin, Hannah Finegold, Laura Lopez, Emma Mitchell-Sparke (Tufts University)




Grad Book Launch – Counterpoints: Bay Area Data and Stories for Resisting Displacement

“Stratified Health” map prototype (credit: Emily Caramelli)

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