Hannah Arendt in St. Peter’s Square

In a newly released bioethics forum essay at The Hastings Center, Medical Ethicist Joseph J. Fins and Professor of Sociology Jenny Reardon discuss the need for building institutions that support the arts of collective judgment in science and medical education: “We must neither be seduced by the logicality of new technologies such as CRISPR nor dissuaded by the misapplication of unreflected-upon regulatory barriers? But how?”

The essay can be found at: https://www.thehastingscenter.org/hannah-arendt-in-st-peters-square/ 

Additionally, we are collecting responses to Fins and Reardon’s essay here:

  • Steve Phillips, a practicing physician and bioethicist at Taylor University, reviews the importance of Arendt’s insights for present-day bioethics, arguing that a Christian liberal education can be of great use for these bioethical questions, since it can integrate both a liberal education and a Christian ethics that finds its premises in a higher source of moral wisdom.  The Importance of Premises, October 16, 2019. http://blogs.tiu.edu/bioethics/2019/10/16/the-importance-of-premises/ 
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