Lost in Translation

Original article (in German): Lost in Translation: Man darf den US-Begriff “race” nicht mit dem deutschen Wort “Rasse” verwechseln (download pdf)

English translation (pdf): Lost in Translation: Why the U.S. word “race” is not to be translated with the German word “Rasse”

In this piece, originally published in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on May 17, 2018a group of social scientists (including SJRC Director Jenny Reardon), humanities scholars, and natural scientists explain the differences between the English word race and the German word Rasse. These differences help reveal some of the difficulties of translating discussions on the subject of race, and specifically, its relationship with genomics, across different cultural and linguistic contexts. This piece was part of the recent debate initially sparked by Harvard geneticist David Reich in his New York Times op-ed, “How Genetics is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race.'” You can view our regularly updated page tracking this debate in the press here.

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