Call for Participation

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Student Researcher Opportunity

The Science & Justice Research Center is pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for a:

Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The award presents a paid research opportunity to first-generation, low income, under-represented groups, undocumented, and/or former foster youth. The award is intended as a stipend to support general living expenses, fieldwork or travel (as allowed by campus or state COVID-19 and shelter-in-place restrictions), presentation of work, and/or research. Undergraduate students currently enrolled in any department at UC Santa Cruz may apply. Preference will be given to applicants currently involved in the project. Established to increase inclusiveness and a sense of belonging in research, the award will support research conducted by one undergraduate student working with the Center project:

Theorizing Race After Race

The student should:
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student (any department) at UC Santa Cruz during Spring 2020; summer enrollment is not required.
  • Be currently working on the established Center project: Theorizing Race After Race.
The student will:
  • Help design and articulate the project’s future. This may include conducting interviews and transcription, analysis and editing of interviews; as well as tracking, collecting, and organizing articles about the social, political, and economic dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic written by prominent theorists of race, inequality, and STS.
  • Adhere to IRB standards for working with human research subjects if applicable.
  • Be offered a $1,500 Fellowship with the SJRC and listed on the Project’s webpage.
To Apply:

By 12:00Noon, Wed May 13, students should email ( expressing interest, letting us know and sending the following:

  1. Your name, major, academic faculty advisor(s).
  2. Your resume/CV.
  3. Why you are interested in the project, how your personal/work/research/career goals would benefit from the fellowship, and how it would contribute to your overall sense of belonging at UC Santa Cruz.
  4. A short statement on your experiences at UCSC or involvement with the SJRC as related to topics addressed by the Project (including human subjects research, events attended, classes taken, etc.).
  5. Any ideas briefly describing potential research to be completed over Spring and Summer 2020.

Information on SJRC’s TRAR project can be found at:

Call for Participation

Call for Undergraduate Individual Study

The SJRC hosts Individual Study students to collaborate on current research projects to help inform collaborative research projects, developing blogs, opinion pieces, papers and proposals as well as Center events and programming. Students can also work on senior thesis projects related to Center Themes (ie: forensic genomics, queer ecology, CRISPR, data and privacy, health care and incarceration, the future of public goods, artificial intelligence and ethics, reproducibility and diversity in research). The Individual Study course can range from 2-5 units. It can be independent or part of a group.

Opportunities include:

Available Winter / Spring 2020

PG&E – assist with research on and collecting materials related to PG&E’s energy shutoffs. Refer to the developing blog:

Forensic Genomics & Ethics – assist with research on and collecting materials related to forensic genomics and ethics. Refer to the developing blog:

UC/HBCU Proposal Development: “Laboratory Life and Social Death: The Problem of Diversity in Science and Society”assist with research on and collecting materials related to reproducibility and diversity of biomolecular data; help identify current UC/HBCU programs at UC Santa Cruz and potential UCSC students and colleagues that align with Spelman and Morehouse Universities’ Sociology and STS (Science and Technology Studies) research; help identify current campus resources serving ABC students and known challenges specific to summer sessions; help plan to integrate future HBCU undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) to engage in UCSC summer campus activities beginning Summer 2021. Information on the UC/HBCU initiative can be found at:

Orphan Drugs – assist with research on and collecting materials related to pharmaceutical licensing agreements bringing drugs to the market; ethical and equity issues related to orphan-disease drug discovery and dissemination.

Find ways undergraduates can get involved in Science & Justice research. Apply no later than the Monday of Week 1 and email a writing sample to